Episode 66 - The Turtles Nest Again

If you ever doubted the impact on wildlife of humans just being around, let Sheldon tell you how the turtle nests in Hawaii bounced back in 2020. Luckily that trend continues with her army of volunteers that help redirect hatchlings away from artificial lights that lead them away from the water. Michael and John also discuss with Sheldon how there are light pollution ordinances in almost every city and town but no enforcement. Dr. Sheldon Plentovich leads the US Fish and Wildlife Services’ Pacific Islands Coastal Program where she works with partners to find innovative ways to protect and restore island ecosystems. She grew up in the southeastern United States and started working on Pacific Islands in 1996. Her priorities are community-based restoration efforts, ecosystem restoration at a landscape scale and species translocations. When she’s not working, she’s surfing, mountain biking or spoiling her dogs.

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U.S. Fish & Wildlife Coastal Program
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