Episode 67 - It’s A Movement

Sometimes it’s a good idea to go to the source. So we went to the founder of the Responsible Outdoor Light At Night conference (ROLAN), Karolina Zielińska-Dąbkowska. Karolina explains to Michael and John that as a lighting designer, she had questions that she couldn’t find answers to. And researchers wouldn’t let her in because she wasn’t in their circle. So Karolina went out and got her own PhD and became a researcher. Thankfully she’s willing to share some of her research with us. Dr. Karolina M. Zielinska-Dabkowska IALD, IES, CIE, MSLL, RIBA is an architect and an award winning practicing lighting designer with over 20 years of experience working in the field of lighting design. Karolina is also an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Architecture, Gdansk University of Technology, Poland, and Co-Founder of GUT LightLab, where she conducts research on various aspects of light and lighting in the built environment. In 2022 Karolina Founded Responsible Outdoor Lighting at Night (ROLAN) conference and was principal co-author of the ROLAN Manifesto.

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