Episode 72 - Light Pollution is Pollution

Michael welcomes a fellow Canadian to the podcast. Michael and Dawn discuss the never ending pursuit of continuous improvement, the interchangeable use of the terms sustainability and energy efficiency (they are NOT the same!), the use of cheap and energy efficient lighting creating more light pollution, and the legal precedents that are inadvertently sustaining light pollution. They even touch on Capitalism and Socialism, but you’ll have to listen to the episode to hear that part.

A recognized industry leader in circadian lighting design, Dawn is driven by a passion for designing lighting solutions that promote health and wellness. Dawn’s 20-year career is defined by her dedication to continuous improvement and willingness to challenge the status quo. She was one of the first Lighting Designers in Canada to achieve the Certified Lighting Designer (CLD) credential, adding her name to the CLD database among some of the world’s most accomplished designers.

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