Episode 70 - Darkness For Tranquility

Mike comes to us from the North York Moors National Park in the north of England. Mike has done ALOT at the National Park Authority to fight light pollution in the area. He has: helped develop a Dark Skies Festival; encouraged businesses to collaborate and to become Dark Skies Friendly; oversaw the application to become an International Dark Sky Reserve from inception to successful designation and is currently delivering lighting improvement projects across the National Park. Through his work at the Authority, he’s even helped influence the UK government on lighting policy through involvement in a UK Dark Skies Partnership of protected landscapes. He’s now found the time to appear on Restoring Darkness! Mike is Head of Nature Recovery Projects at the North York Moors National Park, a protected upland landscape and International Dark Sky Reserve in the North of England. As well as delivery of landscape scale nature recovery projects within the Conservation and Climate Change Department, Mike is also the lead officer for Dark Skies at the National Park Authority.

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