Episode 60 - Keeping the Urban Out of Rural

Climate change. Air pollution. Plastics. Chemicals. Pollution is a challenge. How do we deal with light pollution? As Georgia says, “with the flick of a switch!” It’s that easy. But is light pollution yet seen as pollution? Georgia is doing her part as the Mayo Dark Sky Park Development Officer for the Irish National Parks & Wildlife Service. And you’re invited to visit. As a mature student, Georgia completed a BA (Hons) in Outdoor Education, which resulted in a dissertation on the subject of light pollution and fueled an interest in protecting and restoring our dark skies. This formed the basis of an application to the International Dark Sky Association and the gold tier accreditation of Mayo International Dark Sky Park. Together with local community members, she worked to raise awareness of light pollution and became a founder member of the non-governmental organization “Dark Sky Ireland” to facilitate engagement at all levels from grassroots to policy.

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