Episode 99 - Getting a Softer Groove

Chip works by the three “Rights” as in “doing the right thing.” The RIGHT amount of light, in the RIGHT location, and on for the RIGHT amount of time. Chip has used this term for decades to help guide his designs and installations from the time of incandescent through to the LED era and everything in between. Chip is also on board with sustainability and responsible outdoor light at night with indirect lighting, dimming, lower Kelvin temperatures, and just plain turning lights off. That’s how to get a softer groove. Chip Israel has been a lighting designer for over 39 years. In 1992, he founded LIGHTING DESIGN ALLIANCE, a full-service architectural lighting design firm, where he built a highly-select team of lighting design professionals who now serve a variety of clients worldwide. As Co-CEO and Founder, Chip works closely with the owner, design team, and manufacturers to ensure lighting systems are fully integrated with the architectural design and enhance the designer’s concepts. Chip is committed to promoting excellence in lighting design through education. As a leading industry spokesman, he has presented technical papers and educational seminars in over seventeen countries and lectured in dozens of universities. Lighting Design Alliance has also been recognized by winning over 300 National and International design awards, including multiple awards for sustainable lighting design.

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