Episode 63 - Cutting Through the Jargon with Art

Rayan began a career in aircraft maintenance, but he went from aerospace to space – his interest in cosmology led to him creating Cosmic Tribe, making astronomy and space more accessible to a wider audience and thus spreading awareness of the problem of light pollution. Rayan talks with Michael and John about our lack of connection with the cosmos and the technical jargon and language barriers preventing that connection. Rayan is well-respected in the industry and holds several prestigious titles, including International Astronomical Union-IAU Dark Skies Ambassador, IDA Dark Sky Delegate, and National Coordinator of the Moon Village Association. He is also the Young Persons Committee Head of the Royal Aeronautical Society Pakistan Division and the International Astronomical Artist Association’s Director of STEAM Outreach. He is the Founder of Cosmic Tribe and currently serves as the National Node of the International Day of Light and the IAU NAEC National Astronomy Education Coordinator from Pakistan Team.

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