Episode 57 - De-Illumination of the Night Sky

Sabine is a full time Dark Sky Officer for the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sternenpark Rhön. Sabine explains to Michael how she has become an expert on laws regarding light and light pollution. While she can’t issue tickets (yet), she can use her authority and expertise to improve bad light and advise on development plans. If you’re in lighting, listen to Sabine in this episode! Since childhood, Sabine has been an amateur astronomer and has been active in nature and species conservation. Being fed up with “male astronomy” techniques, she developed star guiding tours that include the nightly landscape, the moon, night clouds (which are very special), mythology, invisible things and all sorts of issues about the darkness. Initiator and pioneer of the IDA Dark Sky Reserve Sternenpark Rhön, she has been coordinator and the official dark sky officer of the park for almost 10 years where she has specialized in public relations, star guidance and most of all, de-illumination.

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