Episode 31 - Preserving Nantucket’s Dark Sky Heritage

Gail Walker is the founder of Nantucket Lights, an all-volunteer citizen advocacy group recently formed to combat the growing light pollution on Nantucket, the island off the coast of Massachusetts that is a popular summer destination for many. A former litigator for the U.S. Department of Justice, she began working on light pollution issues there after retiring a few years ago. Gail discusses with Jane how she uses her litigation skills to convince people on Nantucket Island to take steps to preserve the night sky. With a yearly influx of up to 50,000 seasonal residents each year, it is a challenge to simply enforce Nantucket’s outdoor lighting bylaw. Will Gail get it done? Listen to this episode and you be the judge.

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Correction: Gail reached out to us after our enlightening podcast on all things Nantucket to offer a small correction. In the pressure of the moment, she misspoke and stated that Nantucket is 18 miles long; it is actually 14 miles long. Jane also did not get the name of the children’s book she mentioned quite right. For those who are interested, it is Skywatchter by Jamie Hogan.