Episode 101 - Electro-Soup With a Side of Light Pollution

This one isn’t exactly about light pollution, but you’re going to want to hear it anyway. It’s all about 5G. No, not the “5G cell towers are giving you Covid 19” conspiracy, this is about the deleterious effects of radio frequency waves on your health. With the lack of updated standards, and the usual corporate protectionism, this train is full speed ahead unless people like Odette can cut the tracks. Take your phone away from your head!

Odette Wilkens has been a technology transactional attorney for over 20 years, having represented multi-national corporations in entertainment, finance and technology. She co-founded Wired Broadband, Inc. (WBI) a non-profit in New York City, and The National Call for Safe Technology, a coalition of over 100 organizations and individuals nationwide. Both organizations advocate protections for the public by promoting safer telecommunications. Expanding her efforts in NYC, she founded the NYC Alliance for Safe Technology, a coalition of NYC residents, civic leaders, and community board leaders and members, advocating for the responsible placement of wireless facilities. In her various roles, she has been promoting the benefits of wired broadband connectivity to bridge the digital divide for the unserved, underserved and disabled communities.

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