Darkness Campaigns

Here at Restoring Darkness, we are doing more than podcasts. We are getting involved in local advocacy work to help fight the light pollution battle on the front lines! But we will need your help to succeed in these campaigns so please donate and/or share to help us achieve our goals! Learn more about these specific campaigns below:

Save the Night in Wasatch Back, Utah! A proposed temple in Wasatch Back, Utah includes a plan for a modern exterior lighting system. The system as it is planned right now will create a great deal of bright, upward-directed light. 

This style of lighting is one of the worst forms of light pollution. Not only is light pollution aesthetically unpleasant, it is a known hazard to local wildlife and disrupts the sleep of nearby residents.

Our goal is a campaign to raise awareness of lighting pollution in the area, push for updated bylaws, and persuade church authorities to respect the night sky and everything that lives under it in Wasatch Back. 

To that end, the board of the Lighting & Darkness Foundation will match donations up to the first $3,500 in the pursuit of these goals. Learn more or donate today!